Clinics - High Performance

High Performance 

“HP” is an intense training program for players 13-18. Players must actively compete in District and Sectional level tournaments. Players are introduced to high performance training and expected to train at a high level. The goal of this program is to develop all aspects of the student’s game—technical, strategy, tactics, psychological (mental/emotional), and physical/athletic-with the intent of developing the skills needed to help each student reach their full potential as a player. This program is for players who are committed to training and competing in tournaments on a full time basis.

Participants will play on 78ft courts.

Clinic Leads: Brian McGhee & Kyle Colliluri 

Session Dates 2017-2018

Start End
Session 1 9/5/17 10/29/17
Session 2 10/30/17 12/23/17
Session 3 1/2/18 2/25/18
Session 4 2/26/18 4/29/18
Session 5 4/30/18 6/24/18

HP Clinic Schedule:

Monday 5:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesday 5pm-7pm

Thursday 5pm-7pm

Sunday 2pm-4pm

HP Clinic Pricing (Philly Res./Non-Philly Res.):

1 day per week – $270/$295

2 days per week – $540/$590

3 days per week – $810/$885

2017-2018 Clinic Brochure updated schedule

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