Mission Statement

Preparing youth for success through our inclusive community, using tennis, education and character programming.


In 1952, William J. Clothier, II founded the Philadelphia Tennis Patrons Association which was merged with the Philadelphia National Junior Tennis League 44 years later to become Philadelphia Youth Tennis. In 2003, Philadelphia Youth Tennis became Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education; a leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Three years later, the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center located in East Falls was constructed as a premiere facility dedicated to innovative youth tennis and education programming.  In 2012, the organization became Legacy Youth Tennis and Education. In 2015 the organization was recognized by the United States Tennis Association as its National Junior Tennis and Learning chapter of the year, distinguishing it from among more than 500 community based tennis organizations in the nation.

Today we provide high quality tennis instruction by experienced instructors, educational programming, and positive opportunities to more than 3,500 children annually, most of whom participate at little or no cost through our indoor after-school and community programs and the National Junior Tennis and Learning’s outdoor summer program. Using tennis as the primary motivator, the programs deliver life-skills, nutrition and fitness curriculum and provide the opportunity for leadership development.


Mayor Joseph S. Clark Junior
The First Member of the Philadelphia Tennis Patrons Association
June 1952


1) Edward Fernberger 2) Jerome Laroque 3) Lucie McAvoy 4) Sid Geller 5) Macduff Symington 6) Tom Gowen 7) David Perchonock 8) Roger Dietz 9) Ray Peck 10) W.J. Clothier 11) Bob Healey 12) Vic Kasser
-1979 –