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Million Dollar Night!

On Saturday, September 17th, LEGACY friends and supporters came together to raise more than $1 MILLION DOLLARS at our Annual LEGACY Benefit, honoring our long-time supporter and Board Member, Alan Lindy. We could not have reached this monumental result without Alan, the Lindy Family and friends. Alan’s beautiful grandchildren helped us dedicate a banner to […]

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Annual Benefit Honoring Alan Lindy

Celebrating 70 Years of LEGACY. If you’ve been following us throughout the year, you know that we’ve been proudly celebrating our 70th year of LEGACY in 2022. We’ve had numerous occasions to celebrate, but the culminating event of the year will be our Annual Benefit at LEGACY Center on September 17th. The night will honor […]

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American Tennis Association Nationals

One tradition we were proud to continue was a trip to Orlando, FL for the American Tennis Association National Championships, July 25 – July 31. The event is an extremely historic and special experience, and we’re excited to share a little more on the experience from Coach Omosesan (Sesan) Adebamgbe: The American Tennis Association (ATA) […]

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