Teaching More than Tennis

Legacy’s monthly Guidance Workshops help support our players’ education. Topics include: time
management, test anxiety, building concentration and focus, and test taking tips. Handouts from the
workshops are available to all Legacy families at www.legacyyte.org/about-us/resources/.
As part of our character education programming, each month we focus on a different virtue. For April,
we are strengthening our skills for treating people with respect: acknowledging the feelings and
interests of others, and then treating them with deferential regard and esteem.
An Activity for Parents and Kids to Better Understand “Respect”
An important way to show and earn respect is through simple kindness and courtesy. Watch this brief
video together with your children: www.passiton.com/inspirational-stories-tv-spots/72-locker and then
start a conversation! Here are a few conversation starters you can use:

Who shows respect in the video?

Who is disrespectful?

Which person do you want to be? Why?