Meet Rising Star Aiden Ross

Aiden Ross, a 7th grader at Ad Prima Charter School started playing tennis in the
fourth grade when he attended Legacy’s after school community tennis program
held at Ad Prima. Later, he became a Rising Star and attends regular clinics, plus a
special Rising Stars clinic on Saturdays and also participates in Legacy’s Guidance
Program! He is grateful for his coaches, especially Coach Charles, Coach Dean,
Coach Larry and Coach Joe. Aiden got into tennis because his parents wanted
him to try it, and now he wants to play in high school and college and is even
considering coaching as a career! And it all started at Legacy’s after school
program! Apart from tennis skills, Aiden feels he has learned discipline, respect,
patience, and expressiveness from his Legacy experience. He has learned to be
less judgmental and more willing to put himself out there, because the wide variety
of personalities he’s encountered have taught him “You can’t make friends by
sitting in a corner; you have to get up and talk to people.” When asked how his
years at Legacy have impacted him, Aiden responded, “Legacy is my sanctuary.”