Legacy players, Abhiraj Srivastava, Omar Aboseada and Kayla Chung, were selected by the USTA Foundation to participate in the USTA Pre-Orange Bowl Training Camp this past December in Florida! During the camp, our players had an opportunity to train with, and learn from, a diverse group of players with unique game styles from across the nation. They worked on various technical aspects of the game as well as new tactics and strategies necessary for demonstrating peak performance. Experienced coaches focused on stroke production, proper footwork, effective strategy for match play, and tennis-specific strength and conditioning training. In addition, they learned how to overcome possible setbacks in the game, regain concentration, and maintain mental toughness throughout the entire match through enlightening off-court mental training workshops. Our Legacy players were delighted to have this opportunity and will no doubt carry this positive memory with them for the rest of their lives.