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Munchkin Clinic

Munchkin Clinic introduces 4-7-year-old children to the game of tennis through a variety of fun skill-building activities. The primary focus is on developing a strong athletic foundation by emphasizing agility, balance and coordination. Players will work on proper technique and learn tennis terminology, including parts of a tennis court and names of stances, strokes and grips.

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Munchkin is a “Red Ball” clinic. Participants will play on a 36ft. court.

In order to progress to JD or JFS, players must be able to execute the following with Red Ball:

  • Rally from the baseline of the 36ft court
  • Serve the ball over the net
  • Cover the 36ft court with balanced movement
  • Have a solid technical base, including appropriate grips and swing paths

Coach Malik Hall, Munchkin Clinic Lead. Email:


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For more information, please contact us by email at or by phone at 215-487-9555.