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High Performance


“HP” is an intense training program for players 13-18. Participants will develop all aspects of their game—technical, strategy, tactics, psychological (mental/emotional), and physical/athletic-—with the intent of developing the skills needed to reach their full potential as a player. This program is for players who are committed to training and competing in tournaments year-round.

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HP is a “Yellow Ball” clinic.  Participants will play on 78ft courts.

In order to progress to Max P, players must have:

  • A top sectional ranking and high UTR
  • Solid technique and proper grip on all strokes
  • Efficient footwork movement-tracking, recovering, positioning
  • Clear understanding of strategy, tactics, shot selection and pattern development

Frank Green

Frank Green, High Performance Clinic Lead

For more information, please contact us by email at or by phone at 215-487-9555.