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2016 Orange Bowl: Revisited in an Open Letter & Video

Dear USTA and Legacy Coaches,

This Winter, I had an amazing opportunity to fly to Florida, play in a USTA junior training camp, and compete in the “Orange Bowl” qualifiers. Besides having a great time, I also learned a lot of important lessons.

Sophie Cohen serves during her training with Legacy’s XTeam in FL this winter.

The training center was an excellent experience for me. I got to listen to different coaches talk and offer new perspectives, and I got to interact with kids from all over the United States. Playing against kids from other states with different game styles than the kids I usually play against was extremely beneficial to my game. I took note on what other kids did well, and I have been trying to incorporate some of it into my game. I didn’t only learn about tennis at the camp; when we had classroom time, I learned about the benefits of projecting myself in a good way to other people.

Legacy XTeam members with Coach Sanjin and Chad, as well as the Legendary Nick Bolliteri.

After the camp, I was ready for my qualifying match. I got a tough opponent for my first round, and unfortunately, I lost, but I learned a lot from my loss.

Coming back to Pennsylvania from Florida, I now know what I need to improve in my game. I set realistic goals for myself to work towards, and I am going to give one hundred percent in everything I do on and off the court.

Thank you so much for bringing me down to Florida.


Sophie Cohen